7/4/2018  Here we are the 4th of July and Summer is in progress. It's been a great few months we have had! We had our FUN at Traditions Pub and Lake Church Pub & Grill! We played a Private Party and a Wedding. Tangle Foot Played our first show at The Fat Seagull in Manitowoc! Lot's of FUN going on! Today we once again play Newport Shores for the 4th of July festivities. Showtime 5:30-9:30 with the fireworks to follow! July 21st is the Party after Fish Day in Lake Church and August 11 at Westward HO Campgrounds.... Always a BLAST! Follow that with Suburban Harley for the 115th Anniversary Party on August 30th!



3/2/2018  Thanks to Traditions, Manning’s and Meats Opera Haus for our February shows! Big thanks to everyone that came out to party with us! It was a great way to get the New Year fired up! We are currently scheduling our Summer amd fall 2018 shows! Looking forward to the Summer Party 2018!



1/29/2018  Looks like we have a busy February 2018 coming up! February 3rd we play Traditions in Filmore once again! February 10th back at Mannings in Sheboygan! February 24th Meat’s Opera Haus in St. Nazianz for our debut there!



1/1/2018  What an AMAZING 2017 for Tangle Foot! Would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you! With out you we would not be where we are now! THANK YOU!



12/10/2017  Tangle Foot would like to thank the Plymouth Tap and EVERYONE that had FUN with us! As always we appreciated all the support!!!



11/24/2017  Big thanks to the Lake Church Pub and Grill and the night before Thanksgiving at Traditions. Appreciate everyone’s support, it was a BLAST!



11/15/2017  It was an AMAZING summer to say the least! BIG thanks to all that supported us! Some incredible shows with outstanding people to party with! Starting to line up next years shows and looking forward to another AMAZING year!


8/14/2017  What an awesome couple of months of shows! Traditions Pub & Grill in Fillmore, Lake Church Pub & Grill, Ozaukee County Fair, and the Westward Ho Campgrounds in Glenbeulah. BIG THANKS for everyone's support, it was a BLAST!!! Looking forward to the Silver Creek Fire Departments 100th Centennial Celebration on September 9th! And the Bridge Inn located in Grafton on September 30th! See YOU there!!!


7/5/2017  WOW! What an AWESOME 4th of July weekend! Friday night we played at Newport Shores in Port Washington. As usual that was a an GREAT time and FUN was had by all! Tuesday on the 4th we played in the Saukville Parade and the Party in the Park afterwards! Really enjoyable jamming with you guys again! Thank you for having us and big thanks to everyone that ROCKED with us! We appreciate your support and hanging out with us! Look forward to doing it again soon!



5/29/2017  What a way to kick off Summer Tour 2017 at Westward Ho! Appreciate all the support from everyone, what a BLAST!!! See you again August 12th and we shall ROCK the HO once again!!! July 4th weekend starts out at Newport Shores in Port Washington Friday June 30th 7-11pm! Then on July 4th we play in the Saukville parade @1pm and the Party in the Park afterwards 2-4pm !!!



5/16/2017  Big thanks to Traditions Pub for having us play for the first time Saturday night! We all had a really great time and enjoyed Dave's Birthday Bash! We are looking forward to coming back July 15th! Everyone mark your calendars and lets ROCK Fillmore again!



4/23/2017  Last night TANGLE FOOT played at the Lake Church in in Belgium, another incredible time! Thanks so much for having us back and thank you to all that ROCKED out! We will be back for another show August 5th and then Halloween October 28th! Really looking forward to that one again!



2/7/2017  Big thanks to everyone that came out to BIG MIKES SPORTS BAR Saturday night! Everyone had a GREAT time and we sure had a BLAST too! It was our first time there and it's a really nice place to play! Thanks Sheboygan, Appreciate the support!!!



1/9/2017  What an AWESOME year 2016 was! Thank everybody so much for your support! Without you we would not  be were we are, Thank You!!! Looking forward to another great year 2017! Starting to book shows now and lining them up!



11/25/16  The Fall schedule has been a FUN! We played at the Lake Church Pup and Grill for Halloween! That was a spooktactular time for sure! Thanks to all those that spooked out with us! Then the night before Thanksgiving we played at The Speakeasy in Newburg! Big thanks to everyone that ROCKED out with us!...BIG FUN! We hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving! We want to give thanks for all your support!



9/16/16  Saturday September 24th at the Speakasy in Newburg (aka West Bend) was just a BLAST!!! Thank you to everyone that had a great time with us! Looking forward to playing there again!!!  Thank you to the Speakeasy for having us back!


8/30/16  Lake Church Pub & Grill on July 30th was just a BLAST as it always is! August 7th at the Ozaukee County Fair was a really fun! We played on the main stage and said hi to everyone coming in to the fair! Then we played the Summer Concert Series at Triangle Park in Saukville on August 10th. Another quality show and GREAT time! On August 13th TANGLE FOOT played at Westward Ho Campgrounds. People went wild as usual and danced on tables! Next show was at the Station in Pewaukee, big thanks for having us back there again! Then we added a second show at Westward Ho Campgrounds on August 27th. Another wild and crazy show. Thanks to everyone that supported us this past month! It truly has been just a BLAST! ROCK ON Friends!!!


7/18/16  July 3rd TANGLE FOOT played Newport Shores in Port Washington! Big thanks to everyone that joined the party and to the incredible staff! Perfect weather and a great time had by all. July 4th TANGLE FOOT played the "Party in the Park" right after the Saukville Parade! What a great time it was! We appreciate your support and thanks for hanging out with us! July 16th -Fish Day- TANGLE FOOT played at Starters in downtown Port Washington! We jammed right up till the fireworks and had a GREAT time! Thank You to all that stopped in on the way to/from the worlds largest outdoor Fish Fry! Next show is at Lake Church Pub & Grill-Back my popular demand. Always a BLAST at this place! See YOU there Saturday July 30th !!!



7/3/16:  Nanseas Tiki bar on the shores of Kettle Moraine Lake was outstanding time last night!!! Thanks to everyone that had a great time with us! Thanks to all those boaters that pulled up and hung out with us, it was a pleasure! Tonight TANGLE FOOT will be LIVE at Norport Shores right on Lake Michigan. Located in the wonderful town of Port Washington, WI !!! Would like to invite everyone there tonight 7:00-11:00 !!!



6/5/16:   What a GREAT show at the Speak Easy Bar and Grill! Big thanks to all that enjoyed the fun with us. It was our first time there and we appreciated the warm welcome. We have a private party on June 18th, and back for another party at the TIKI Bar & Grill on Kettle Moraine Lake,,, Always a blast on the beach!



5/29/16:  WOW! What a GREAT time at the TIKI BAR & GRILL! A great time was had by all and some awesome beach FUN! Big thanks to EVERYONE that came out to the party! We really appreciated that everyone stayed until the wicked winds came in. That was big storm that blew in and the load out was.... well lets say... interesting! Next week at the Speakeasy in Newburg. See YOU all there !!!



5/2/16:  Saturday night was a HUGE success! It was the transplant Benefit for Jim Biever. First off TANGLE FOOT would like to thank everyone for your support Saturday night. Jim Biever would like to personally thank EVERYONE who helped arrange everything and of course to everyone that came to the event. It was VERY MUCH appreciated, thanks to EVERYONE!!! It also worked out that it was the first show with the new TANGLE FOOT drummer Rich! Welcome aboard!



4/4/16:  We had a spring snow but that did not matter! The spring fling at the Lake Church Inn was HOT! TANGLE FOOT Appreciated the big turn out and everyone that made it out. It was once again a BLAST, so much FUN!!! We would like to invite everyone out to our next show. It's a transplant benefit for Jim Beaver. He really needs your support right now, see you there !!! Join us Saturday May 21 at Bic's Place in Belgium. Silent auction from 3-9 pm. Food, Beer, Fun& 50/50 Raffles. TANGLE FOOT Plays 7:00-11:00 pm.



1/2/16:  NEW YEARS EVE BASH! Was an outstanding night! Live at the Lake Church Pub and Grill! First would like to that the staff for having us! Thank you very much for everyone that at the party! FUN was had by all and we had a BLAST too! TANGLEFOOT would like to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and safe 2016!!! Would like to thank EVERYONE for a GREAT YEAR. Appreciate all the support you have giving us. With out you as fans, we could not be where we are now. THANK YOU!!!



11/31/15: What a KILLER time at the Lake Church Pub and Grill last night!!! Many, many GREAT costumes from the milk man to toga party and the winner was wrestler Hacksaw! Thank you to the wonderful staff and many thanks for all you folks joining in the party! Just a reminder TANGLE FOOT will be playing at the Lake Church Pub and Grill for New Years night! See YOU there then!!!



8/30/15: What a great Month of private parties TANGLE FOOT had this August! We really appreciate playing these places and has been Just AWESOME! Special thanks to all the people that have hung out with us and supporting us! We look forward to future shows with all you folks! In fact.... THANK YOU Each and Everyone one of you out there that support us. With out you, doing what we do would mean nothing. And its all because: ROCK IS WHAT WE DO !!!!!!!



5/5/15:  Last weekend at the Lake Churh Pub & Grill was BLAST! Thanks to everyone that came out to party with us. Thanks to you wild and crazy dancers!!! We are scheduled to play the Lake Church Bar & Grill on New Years Party! Make your plans now and see YOU there!!!



7/26/15 Once AGAIN Westward Ho Campgrounds was an incredibly GREAT time! People danced their butts off! Really enjoyed playing outside and the ROCK n ROLL weather was with us! Can't wait to ROCK the HO again. ROCK is what WE do !!!



7/5/15:   Newport Shores on the 4th of July was GREAT time! Thank you to everyone that ROCKED out with TANGLE FOOT last night! A lot of dancing and a lot of fun times with people. The fireworks were right on schedule and was an incredible show!



6/21/15:   TANGLE FOOT would like to thank all you happy campers at the show Saturday night! That really was a fun time and fun was had by all! We will be back to Westward Ho Campgrounds on Saturday July 25th..... See YOU There !!!!!!!



5/24/15:   Nan Seas Tiki Bar was a BLAST last night! TANGLE FOOT sent ROCK waves across Kettle Moraine Lake! Thank you to the Tiki Bar and everyone that was at the Party last night! We will be back at the Tiki Bar June 13th! See YOU then!



5/3/15:   Big thanks to the Lake Church Inn and all the people that ROCKED out with TANGLE FOOT !!! Big shout out to all the wild and crazy dancers too! A good time was had by all and was a wonderful evening. Looking forward to ROCKIN out there again! Feels like summer 2015 is upon us pretty soon!



4/2/15:   The EAGLES NEST in Random Lake last night was a GREAT time! Big thanks for everyone that was able to make it out to the show! More Spring/Summer shows in the works, keep an eye on the TANGLE FOOT schedule! SEE YOU THERE!



3/22/15  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the many at the show last night, including our very own drummer Doug"E"! Our first show at THE STATION PUB AND GRILL last night was GREAT time. Big thanks to all of those there at the PARTY! Still working on shows for the 2015 Summer Schedule. We have confirmed two shows on July 4th-Saukville Annual 4th of July Saukville Parade then "Norport Shores" in Port Washington 4th of July evening. Also ""Westward Ho Campgrounds" on July 25!!


1/17/15:  TANGLE FOOT ROCKS in the New Year at Mannings Irish Pub! Thank You for having us and Thank You to everyone that came out to the show! It was a ROCKIN good time and FUN was had by all! What a great way to start 2015, watch for new summer shows to TBA.



11/30/14:  Bic's Place last night was a GREAT time! Thank you to everyone that stopped out to ROCK with TANGLE FOOT! Special thanks to all those wild and crazy dancers! We welcomed our new drummer Doug"E" last night and to a job well done. Time to ROCK and "ROCK IS WHAT WE DO!"



8/31/14:  The Milwaukee Rally at Suburban Harley Davidson in Theinsville last night was a blast! Thank you to everyone at the show! There was a little rain on and off but that did not stop the party!!! TANGLE FOOT thanks each and everyone of you that supports us. You really are the ones that make this all possible! Thank you so Much! What an awesome TANGLE summer 2014!!!!!!!



8/17/14:  WOW! What a great time in the rain last night, unbelievable!!! We appreciate EVERYONE that came out to the show last night! TANGLEFOOT fans are the best! Thank you for your support! We are very much looking forward to coming back to Port Washington's NEWPORT SHORES!



8/10/14:  Big Thanks to all the people at Westward Ho last night, that was a FUN time!!! Thank you to all the people that were there last time and made plans to see this show! TANGLE FOOT's next show will be in Port Washington at New Port Shores on Saturday August 16th.



8/3/14:  What a wild time at WILD SHOTS in Plymouth last night! We appreciate the support for our first time there. Looking forward to coming back there to play. Next show is at Westward Ho Campgrounds August 9th for the registered campers.



7/20/14:  Thank you to everyone that came out to Port Washington's FISH DAY Saturday!!! We were honored to open the festivities on the Rock Stage! Great Event, Great People and Great Fun!!! Our next show will be in Plymouth at WILD SHOTS August 2, 2014, see YOU then!!!



7/8/14: 50th Annual Port Washington -FISH DAY- July 19, 2014.  The largest outdoor fish fry in the world, year after year. TANGLE FOOT live on the Classic Rock Stage in the Band Shell!!! This is our debut performance at this event. Show time is 10:30am-12:00 Noon. Gates will open at 10:00am.



7/4/14:  Great weather today for the Saukville Parade! What a way to celebrate Independence Day! Thank you to everyone on the Parade Route! BIG Thanks to all the veterans that make our freedom possible !!!



6/23/14: TANGLE FOOT will be performing in the JULY 4th Saukville, WI Parade. What? YES, we will be playing on a trailer the entire length of the Parade route. It starts on S. Main Street and goes to the Elementary School. Grady Park is right there so there will be festivities after the Parade. Followed by the Fireworks later that night at Peninsula Park!


6/15/14: Thank you to all you wild and crazy campers last night at Westward Ho! Everyone had a blast! Guess we could call us bunch of Happy Campers!!! See you guys back on Saturday August 9th!


6/9/14: This weekend TANGLE FOOT is playing at Westward Ho Campgrounds in Glenbeula, WI. This is a party for registered campers at the site. We are looking forward to a WILD time this weekend, see you campers there!!!


5/25/14: Big thanks for everyone that supported TANGLE FOOT Saturday night at Nan Seas Tiki Bar!!! What a good time had by all and all had a great time! We will be back again on August 23, 2014. Looking forward to another great time on the beach of the beautiful Kettle Moraine Lake!


4/30/14: TANGLE FOOT's next show is going to be at Nan Sea's Tiki Bar in Cambellsport, WI. May 24, 2014-Showtime from 6-10pm. That will be a blast on the beach of Kettle Moraine Lake!   Sunglasses recommended!!!!!!!


4/27/14: Press Release: TANGLE FOOT is Playing Port Washington's 50th annual FISH DAY this year on July 19, 2014. The worlds largest one day outdoor fish fry. On the shores of Lake Michigan, year after year is a FISH-TACTULAR event  !!!!!!!













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TANGLE FOOT, a classic rock band playing in Southeastern Wisconsin. Collectively, the members of Tangle Foot have over 160 years of playing in bands starting back in the day when "classic rock" was just good ol' rock & roll. Tangle Foot focuses on playing classic rock and bar boogie music that forces you to get up and DANCE! Their 100+ song playlist includes the greats: Clapton, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray, Lynanrd Skynard, Doors, Hendrix, Allman Brothers, and many more. TANGLE FOOT invites you to the shows and have a GREAT TIME  and DANCE the night away!!!!!!!